Hotel Packages for the 2020/2021 Summer Olympics

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Update: Our Tour Packages are good for the 2020 Olympics to be held in 2021.

Our Artisan Pacific Travel Olympics Experience is our tour-based package for the 2020 Summer Games beginning July 2021.  It includes hotel, transportation, guides, tours, a celebratory dinner, and other events. No event or ceremony tickets are included.  Additional package extensions are available, to see Sumo, Kyoto, and the Japanese Alps.  These match together to create a longer and richer experience of Japan.

Our package is a high value, uniquely local experience of Japan based on our highest-rated tours.  We are based along the waterfront in Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan. The primary events occurring in Yokohama are Football (Soccer) and Baseball.  Luckily, tickets for those events are very reasonably priced.  The Sailing competition takes place in Enoshima, 40 minutes away, an area that also has some nice beaches to enjoy.

Next to our hotel is a train station that drops you off in central Tokyo in 30 minutes.  Also nearby are some great attractions including a local amusement park, Yamashita-koen, a nice small grassy area along the water, and the Ramen museum, a great place to eat the history of Japan.  Getting around is as easy as taking a nice walk along the port, hopping on the Sea “Bass”, a local ferry with great views, or taking the new Gondola being built with unsurpassed views over the water.   There will be fireworks (Hanabi) nearby – and we’ll coordinate it so you have the best views.

Our hotel has a retained classic and unique historical charm.  It gives you an updated 4-star hotel at a lower price than downtown Tokyo in a more tranquil and cooler setting.  We and our licensed Japanese guides will help you with getting around.   And we include tours of Tokyo and the nearby ancient Japanese capital Kamakura.

Our package for the Complete Olympics is now available, in addition to the Opening, Mid-Cycle, and Closing 6-Night and 9-Night options.  We include many unique destinations with our licensed tour guides, so that you can experience the full range of Japanese culture and hospitality.  The Complete Olympics package includes eight (8) tours.  We also have extensions available during the Olympic period.   Attend preliminary events, tour the country, and then catch some of the medal rounds afterwards.

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Introduction and Overview of Dates, Locations, and Events for the 2020 Olympics

Update of Venues, Event Details, and Ticket Sales

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