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The Summer Olympics returns to Tokyo next year, and the time to plan for your trip is now.  There are 33 sports and 339 events planned across four weeks, from July 22 (two days before the Opening Ceremony) through August 9 (the date of the Closing Ceremony).  Sorting through the details is going to take some time and commitment.

Ticket sales for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are currently underway.  The demand across the world has been incredibly high.  The first lottery in Japan was wildly oversubscribed.  Most people in the Japan lottery did not receive any tickets at all.  There already is a second lottery that will occur in August.

Tickets outside Japan went as fast as well.  Most people in the U.S. lottery and subsequent live sales received few tickets.  Many events, such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Gymnastics, and Swimming were not available.  We do not know when the Ceremony tickets will go on sale, but believe that you will have the opportunity to buy the expensive ones at some point (at the list price of over $2,500 for B seats and over $3,000 for A seats).

There will also be many more reasonably priced tickets that will become available over the next year.  If you are committed to going, and a little flexible with events, you will be able to find tickets to fill out an amazing schedule.  The available tickets are being sold on a “flash” basis, with no notification and very little time to purchase.  Most of our customers find that you have to buy tickets to one or two events at a time.  We are letting our customers know details and timing, and supporting them throughout the process, to make sure that they can fill up their Olympics schedule.

Event Tickets Pricing

Tickets are divided into three to five price categories.  “A” is the highest category, and seats are located along the sidelines closest to the competition.  “B” & “C” categories are higher-level and in the ends of the stadium.  There are two remaining price points, which will be of significant interest to those on a budget.  “D” seats are a lower price option while “E” seats, which are only available for events in the National Stadium, offer the chance to attend the Opening and Closing ceremonies, and Track and Field events, at a fraction of the highest price tickets.  They are likely to be standing-room only seats, however.

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