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Update January 2020: CoSport will launch another queue-like process to sell newly released tickets on January 16, 2020, at 3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific Time.  If you are a U.S. resident be sure to open up CoSport in your browser a half hour ahead of time.


The individual ticket process for the 2020 Olympics is well underway and – at limited times – every sport and category except the Opening Ceremony have been available for purchase.  However, tickets go extremely fast and to get the best events you need to have paid for a premium package with limited choices of dates and events, gotten very lucky in the lottery and queueing process at CoSport, have gotten to their flash sales before anyone else, or purchased tickets in the EU (Europe) where they are more widely available.  We have been very successful in helping our customers fill out their complete schedule by understanding the sales process and providing real time information around a complicated, confusing, and frustrating system.  Unfortunately, we are only able to personally assist our deposit-paid customers with customized ticket and event planning.

There will be two more substantive opportunities coming up in the next few months.  Both opportunities are tied to the transition of ticket sales in countries outside Japan, from the local ATR’s (authorized ticket resellers) to Japan 2020.  First, the local ATR (CoSport in the United States and ATPI in Canada) will put all the remaining tickets from their unsold premium packages on sale as individual tickets.  This may be the last opportunity to purchase tickets to events in which Japan is competitive (most in demand: gymnastics and judo).  And a great time to grab your priority events – there are currently unsold tickets for athletics, baseball, football, volleyball, artistic gymnastics (men’s qualifying round) in packages left for sale.

After the “closing out” sale at the ATR’s, ticketing will be centralized across the world at the Tokyo 2020 site.  We already have a lot of experience with the Tokyo 2020 site through our customers, staff, and associates who reside in Japan.  The process and registration are quite different from CoSport and the EU ATR’s.  Importantly, when the ticket process is centralized at the Tokyo 2020 site next year, there will be a resale option to buy or sell from individuals. We do expect that there will be a large amount of unsold tickets available on the first day from ATRs operating in Europe and Asia.  These will also go very fast as the demand for tickets in Japan has been unprecedented.

With planning and knowledge there will be great opportunities to build a complete event schedule.  Combined with our tour and hotel package, you can experience the grandeur of the Olympic Games and the great cuisine, culture, and history of Japan with Artisan Pacific Travel – your experts on Japan.  If you are already planning to attend, please click here for details about our 17-day Flagship Olympics Experience.  If your schedule does not permit that much time we have shorter packages available as well.   We can also customize a trip for you around your dates or additional travel in Japan.  For more details please complete our Customer Questionnaire by clicking here.

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