2024 Guided Package Tours to Japan

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There has never been a better time to explore a side of Japan you won’t see with the big tour companies, with a guided package tour from Artisan Pacific Travel 

Tokyo is quirky, eclectic, and a cultural and cuisine magnet. And more Shinkansen routes mean Japan is easier to get around than ever. Take advantage to explore coastal and mountainside destinations.  

With our guided package tours to an undiscovered Japan, observe incredible and unique landscapes. Explore cherished UNESCO World Heritage sites, ride the Shinkansen, relish traditional and modern culture, and savor culinary delights. Discover Japan’s forests, sea, and natural beauty.  

Then relax, purify, and cleanse in the exceptional natural hot-springs (onsen) from a still volcanic Japan. (more information about onsen here). You get a great introduction to traditional healing and spiritual practices. 

We delight in sharing uniquely Japanese culture. That’s why we include Grand Sumo Basho (click for more about sumo) and Japan’s most iconic festivals in our tours (more about festivals here).  

Organizing and planning your trip to Japan in 2024 will be more important than ever. Recent awards and extensive press mean that the sights in Japan will be busy. We already see limited capacity, particularly around the first of April. Please note that this year Golden Week – one of the most popular weeks for domestic travel – is April 27 through May 6.  

2024 Tours (click each tour below to see itinerary)

Tokyo Culture, Cuisine and Quirks – 5 Days (September Dates Available) AP-2024-101 

Kyushu Culture and Cuisine – 10 Days AP-2024-102 

Tohoku Explorations, Reflections and Experiences – 7 Days AP-2024-103 

Why Travel to Japan with Artisan Pacific Travel: Our Tour Experience  

We only use Japan-based guides, specialists, and coordinators. That way we can match you to a private guide with expertise in your specific interests. And offer local experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.  

Our tours bring you authentic cultural gems from sumo to Japanese cuisine to exquisite tea ceremonies. We keep you busy, from short hikes to making pottery and sushi.  

And by frequently using taxis, forwarding baggage, eating meals when convenient for you, and taking you through back alleys and hidden passages, we make the most of your valuable time. 

Each tour can be extended or customized.  For more 5-Day, 7-Day, and 10-Day itineraries email us at tourinfo@artisanpacifictravel.com. For our office location, please click here. 


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