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O ur pre-planned itineraries offer you an tour unlike any other: a Japan that is urban and vibrant, yet in touch with nature and rural roots; minimalist and technology- loving yet steeped in culture, cuisine, traditions and history.
Enjoy the four seasons as you explore the world’s third largest economy, in an area smaller than California. With a tradition shaped by mountains that make up 80% of its land to the surrounding seas and that have isolated, yet nurtured its culture, Japan is a land of contrasts, beauty and mystery.
Experience world-class cuisine, a buzzing urban style like no other, and stunning scenes of natural and man-made beauty while immersing yourself in a fascinating heritage and history. From the world’s largest city of Tokyo to the culturally refined former capital of Kyoto. From its verdant mountains to the bountiful seas that have shaped its history, incredible experiences await its visitors.
To find the right trip for you, just browse through our package tours, or contact us to put together a more custom itinerary.

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Japan Spring Break Skiing
Culture and Fun Meets World Class Slopes
Ski or board to your heart’s delight with a 5-day 9-mountain ski pass and equipment rental with unlimited changes of equipment included! We include a trip to a local shrine, sake tasting in a historical area, and a short hike to the delightful, hot-springs loving snow monkeys.
Photo: Edward S. Johnson
The Culinary Japan Tour
Culinary Immersion, Tokyo to Kyoto
From its distinct seasons and diverse geography and fauna, Japan is a gourmet paradise. We invite you to sample the broad range of regional and seasonal dishes that make this such a food-lover’s fantasy.
The Gently Guided Japan Tour
Culinary and Cultural Highlights, from Tokyo to Kyoto
Experience the humming metropolis of greater Tokyo with its 36 million people, enjoy the nearby serenity and history of Nikko and Kamakura, the nature and hot-springs around Mt. Fuji, and the cuisine and culture of Kyoto on this core journey through Japan.
Secret Hideaways of Japan’s Seto Islands and Inland Sea
Cultural highlights of the countryside and islands surrounding Japan’s medieval capitols.
Tokyo Back Alley Tour from Artisan Pacific Travel
Tokyo Back Alley Tours — 60 Hours in Tokyo
A 3 day journey through winding small alleys and hidden gems of culture, cuisine and history will inspire rural lovers and city-folk alike.

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  • We had so many great adventures and surprises… Every time I tell someone about the trip, I think of one more thing to describe. If you have an interest in Japan, you should definitely go with Artisan Pacific Travel.

    Stephanie E.
  • What a marvelous trip we had in Japan!! I have never felt so well taken care of in my life.

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