Rare Opportunity – Experience Live Sumo in Japan!

 In カテゴリーなし

Opportunity – for up to four guests to join a Sumo aficionado for a fantastic and rare chance to take in the penultimate (and often most exciting) day of the September (Autumn) Basho live as it happens.


  • excellent 2nd floor chair seating (S Chair Seats) as opposed to the first floor Masu-seki (floor mat with seat cushion) seats
  • Explanation and guidance in English from a long time sumo fan
  • A true Sumo (Chanko-nabe) style meal following the Basho at a former Ozeki (highly-ranked) sumo wrestler’s restaurant
  • And most uniquely, dine together with a group of local Japanese with varying degrees of English language capability who are also sumo fans and enjoy meeting others.

One of things we love to do is mix local Japanese and our non-Japanese guests in natural surroundings to give our guests a better, more intimate and local perspective on Japan’s culture and its wonderful people.

This experience is best suited to a well-acquainted group of four (4) friends or family in Tokyo on this day, who really enjoy trying new things, enjoy sport, and really enjoy meeting and engaging with locals when traveling abroad.

When:  3:00pm – 8:00pm,  Saturday September 23rd,  2023 (Japan time)

Price: $950 per person for a group of 4, $1250 per person from group of 3, and $1500 per person for group of 2

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